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628617, Russia, the Tyumen area, Khanti-Mansiiski region, city Nizhnevartovsk, Northern industrial unit, street 4 PC, house 8.Tel. (3466) 64-12-99. Fax. (3466) 64-13-09 (add. 5) E-mail: rtk@rtk-nv.ru
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Cargo transportations by a railway and motor-car transport.

Грузоперевозки железнодорожным и автомобильным транспортомThe transport company "RTC" (Russian transport company) carries out:

1. Rail transportations in covered carriages, semi-carriages, platforms, containers on all stations of Russia opened for work with carriages and containers.
Container transportations of cargoes are carried out from station Nizhnevartovsk-1. Types of containers: 3 tons, 5 tons, 20 tons, 24 tons, 40 tons.

2. Reception of cargoes in covered carriages. The railway deadlock is located in immediate proximity to Nizhnevartovsk. There is a great area for reception, warehousing, long storage of a cargo.


Services of the transport company "RTC":

    Грузоперевозки автотранспортом
  • Reception and sending of all kinds of cargoes on the railway deadlock;
  • Creating of sketches and drawings of all kinds of complexity for shipment by railway;
  • Reception of orders for a day and also to the day;
  • Delivery of the containers by our transport under loading on the customers (clients) warehouse in Nizhnevartovsk or Nizhnevartovsk region. All our drivers are provided by mobile phones;
  • Sealing of the carriage or the container at presence of representatives of the customer after loading;
  • Container transportation on railway station;
  • Registration of railway documents;
  • All the payments necessary for shipment;
  • Permanent monitoring over the process of transportation of the carriage or the container.

Individual approach to service of each client and a careful attitude to all cargoes without any exception have been and remain a mainstream in our work.

Working with us you solve the problem of cargo shipment in all regions of Russia fast qualitatively and for reasonable prices.

You can learn detailed information about our services on our site or telephones in Nizhnevartovsk (3466) 64-13-09 64-12-99.

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